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Artool Airbrush Body Paints

Please note: these paints can only be shipped regular ground.

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If you can spray paint through an airbrush, you can create beautiful temporary tattoos and fine art with the Artool Airbrush System!

Simply follow the easy-application instructions for the reusable adhesive stencils or create a freehand work of art using the specially formulated Body of Art Airbrush Paint. Either method allows you the artistic expression to beautify the skin and enlighten the spirit.

Transform your body into a work of fine art. Airbrush Body Paints and Stencils for professional, highly realistic "tattoo" look or fantasy fine art. Choose from a selection of 15 Airbrush Body of Art Colors. Select from an array of over 40 self-adhesive, reusable stencils.

Blend colors, overlap designs, be artistic and creative. Reusable, self-adhesive, lasts for days, easily applied and removed, safe, non-toxic, waterproof, FDA approved ingredients.

Artool Body Paint Colors
1/2 oz bottles: $8.75, 4 oz bottles: $38.00
Please allow 7-10 days for shipments.

 NMB-721 Yellow

NMB-722 Red

NMB-723 Henna Brown

NMB-724 Blue

NMB-725 Green

NMB-726 Black

NMB-727 White

NMB-728 Pink

NMB-729 Violet

NMB-730 Oriental Red

NMB-731 Tangerine

NMB-732 Electric Blue

NMB-733 Jade Green

NMB-734 Lemon Yellow

NMB-685 Outline Black

Professional Application Kit: $21.55
4 oz. pump bottle with 70% Isopropyl alcohol, 2 oz. Setting Powder,
1 oz. Airbrush Cleaner, cotton pads and carrying case.
94 NMB801: Professional Application Kit: $21.55

2 oz. Setting Powder: $2.49
94 NMB825: Setting Powder: $2.49

Artool Body Paint 6 Color Set
Includes 6 1/2 oz. colors (Yellow, Red, Henna Brown, Blue, Green and Black)
Non-toxic, waterproof, lasts for days. Removes easily.
94 NMB715: Artool Body Paint 6 Color Set $52.00



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