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The AIR-PORT™ AIRBRUSH WORK STATION provides a simple and convenient way to keep you organized. Easily mount your AIR-PORT™ with its sturdy mounting magnets anywhere you work! It magnetically attaches to metal surfaces with excellent reliability. Or, you can bolt it to a desired location for permanent mounting. Made of solid 18-gauge steel construction with a powder-coated finish, the AIR-PORT™ holds 3 airbrushes and all your airbrushing supplies, so you can keep focused on your work and not be wondering "Where did I put that... !?"

Air-Port™ Magnetic Mounting Workstation - KJ 200 - retail $163.16 / sale price $117.00
Dimensions - 9"w X 5"d X 2.5"h / Weight - 4 lbs

94 KJ200 Airport Work Station Magnetic $117.00

The AIR-PORT HANGER ™ will hang most styles of airbrushes. It's adjustable hanging positions accommodate for the most varying types of airbrush shapes and feed types. The AIR-PORT HANGER ™ is constructed of solid 18 guage steel for long lasting durability. It will attach securely to most metal surfaces by its powerful magentic mounting magent, or it can be bolted permanently to any work area.

94 KJ100 Air-Port Hanger Magnetic Mounting - $19.35

Triple Action Handle

94 TAH 150 - Triple Action Handle Set with Silver Handle
New from Iwata
click either image for large view

94 TAH 155 - Triple Action Handle Set with all 5 Colored Handles

The NEW handle Triple Action Handle gives you instant access to the needle for fast full flushing and quick and easy replacement or cleaning. A unique pre-set handle feature actually holds the needle back from the nozzle instead of limiting trigger movement, allowing for more consistent spray time after time. An added bonus to the Triple Action Handle is it has a threaded needle knob on the rear of the handle to store your needle cap, too! The triple action handle gives you one effective solution to your airbrush cleaning process.

Click here to download the Triple Action Handle Assembly Instructions in pdf format.

The Triple Action Handle is sold as a set with one silver handle or with an additional five colored handles, silver, orange, blue, red and green.

94 K150 - Triple Action Handle Set with Silver Handle: $23.50

94 k155 - Triple Action Handle Set with all 5 Colored Handles: $31.15

Infinite Control of Airflow at the Airbrush
94 K250 External MAC Valve: $23.50

· Spray a coarse stippling effect to full atomization with a quick turn
· For fine line or detail work, adjust to create optimum airflow for maximum control of paint output
· Fully open the External MAC Valve and quickly clean the airbrush during color changes or for wide background spraying

Assembly Instructions:

1. Thread the External MAC Valve onto airbrush.
2. Connect airhose to External MAC Valve.

Fits all Iwata airbrushes.

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