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Fixed Double Action, Background Spray, Large Coverage
Low Volume Low Pressure (





LVLP is a designation for a Low Volume, LOW Pressure Spray Gun. An LVLP Spray Gun must have less than 10 psi at the nozzle cap and transfer over 80% of the paint onto the surface being coated. This means very little overspray will be produced, saving on paint cost and environmental hazards.

The IWATA RG-3 Mini-Spray Gun coupled with the Century Series Spray Guns W-100/LPH-100, W-200/LPH-200, and W-400/LPH-400 are ideally suited for spraying gesso, varnishing paintings, murals, backgrounds, custom automotive painting, rendering signs, or wherever broad surfaces must be covered.

The NEW RG-3/LPH-50

Please note: The new RG-3 replaces the RG-2. With the spray pattern being the same as the RG-2, the major difference is noticed in the integrated "Air Valve" and "Air Valve Packing" cartridges. These cartridges can be serviced outside the gun and easily replaced back in to the gun body, making the RG-3 more reliable and maintenance-free.

RG-3 Mini Spray Gun
with fan pattern cap

The NEW RG-3 is a miniature gravity/side feed spray gun. Compared to most mini-spray guns, the RG-3 produces remarkable atomization and allows for great spray pattern control. Its 4oz. (110ml) stainless steel and optional 7oz. (200ml) stainless steel and 8oz. (225ml) aluminum color cups, handle both water and solvent based media.

Since its gravity feed cup rotates, it allows for more flexibility in spraying horizontal, vertical or underneath spray applications. This mini-spray gun is great for detail automotive touch up, large studio work and murals.A .06 mm fluid nozzle opening, round pattern; Fixed double-action trigger; Preset adjustment knob 4 oz. (110ml); stainless steel fluid cup; Spray pattern: 1/8" to 2 1/2". (.3cm to 6. 3cm)

Optional accessories: • .04mm or 1. 0 mm fluid nozzle conversions ($94.95 each) • Fan pattern air cap • Air adjustment knob • 7oz. (200ml) stainless steel fluid cup • 8oz. (225ml) aluminum fluid cup. Call for pricing and availability.

This sprayer requires a 1/3 hp or large compressor.
Retail $401.29

RG-3 Only

94 H9100 RG-3L w/PC-61 cup: $391.60

Iwata LPH-50



The LVLP version of the RG-3 (above). Excellent for background work with very good atomization for its size. Superior brush for automotive detailed work.This gun features an adjustable spray pattern from round to full fan. • .6mm dia. fluid nozzle • 4 oz. gravity feed fluid cup • Spray width: 1/8" to 2 1/2"
LPH50 Retail $445.48

94 LPH50 Iwata LPH-50 w/cup: $342.32

Free Delivery, in the lower 48 US states, only.



Iwata W-101
94 H9901 Iwata W-101
retail: $344.12

94 H9901: W-101 w/PC-5 cup: $316.80


†† 94 LPH-101 Side-Mounted, Gravity-Feed (spray pattern up to 8″ (20 cm))
Great for automotive clear-coating and touch-up, large studio work, gesso coatings and murals
Side-mounted gravity cup allows 360 rotation giving the operator options to spray at a wide variety of angles.
Capable of handling viscous materials while still producing a smooth, finely atomized spray

retail: $533.10

94 LPH100: Iwata LPH-101 Sprayer w/cup: $425.04

†† 94 LPH-400 Iwata LPH-400 Centerpost Gravity-Feed (1.4mm nozzle)
Especially suited for clear-coating and base-coating
Gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up, ultimate reliability and superior atomization
These guns spray high-viscosity paints including metallics with ease.

retail: $790.71

94 LPH400: Iwata LPH-400 Sprayer w/cup: $599.020 Requires 2 1/2 hp industrial compressor,
and 1/4” to 1/4” hose: click here for hoses.

Hoses for RG-3 & W-100, -200, -400:
10 ft. braided nylon airhose 1/4" to 1/4"

94 BT050: 10 ft. braided nylon airhose 1/4"-1/4" (for Large Area Sprayers): $19.95

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