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Badger Airbrush Pro Production Series

Made in the USA. Whether you're kicking out 30 tees an hour, production painting a run of model RR box cars, or spraying color gradations on a bakery table full of 1/4 sheet cakes - you demand an airbrush that handles the every day rigors of production airbrushing. The more you spray, the more you make! You want to be sure you're always working with your airbrush, not on it. The Pro Production Series (PPS) airbrushes are made to get the job done, any job - time and time again. The PPS finely tuned (finger tight) nozzle assembly, self seating"smooth-flow" drop-in paint tip, and ultra-durable double angle needle ensure PPS airbrush Performance always meets user demand. Because of their production oriented design the PPS airbrushes are super easy to maintain, making them excellent airbrushes for users of all experience and skill levels. .45-.75 drop-in paint tips, 6 dgm stainless needles, detached back lever/trigger, manual snug nozzle assemblies.

Badger 105XTR Xtreme Patriot 105 Airbrush

Patriot Airbrush

The Xtreme Patriot, Model 105, If you've been looking for an easy to use, workhorse brush for detailed spraying, you've found it! The Badger Extreme Patriot 105 airbrush is the latest airbrush from Badger Airbrushes. The NEW High Roller Trigger is super responsive and will allow you ultimate control of your paint flow for detailed spraying.

The 0.3 Needle/Nozzle combination provides a wide spray pattern from hair-line to 2". The atomization combined with the angle of the tip parts gives it a very fine, controlled spray. The tip of your needle is exposed when the trigger isn't pulled back, (Comes with X41-032G Needle Guard - remove for xtra fine detail) so you'll want to use the provided protective tip cover and protective case when you're not using the airbrush.

The 'Accuracote dark ice' body coating is easy to clean and is a cool gunmetal gray with a satin finish. The 'Torpedo Nozzle Tip' allows for super-quick and easy tip-dry removal if your paint has a tendency to dry on the tip.

The NEW Precision Air Control Dial enables fine tuning of your airflow for varied spray pattern effects. This can allow you to go slower while doing detail work or achieve effects such as stippling.

Pro Production Series

  • High Roller Trigger
  • Elongated linear air flow Nozzle
  • .3 Free Flow Nozzle
  • Super Detail Needle
  • Torpedo Nozzle Tip
  • Precision Air Control (PAC) Dial
  • Accuracote Dark Ice Finish

PDF copy of Badger 105XTR Xtreme Patriot Airbrush Manual

Badger 105XTR Series Parts

Model Badger 105XTR Patriot Xtreme 105
Type Double action, Internal mix, Gravity feed
Fluid Packing PTFE (Teflon) – for spraying solvent or water based fluids
Optimal Working Pressure 10-30 PSI
Spray Pattern Fine - hair Line to 1 in.
Handle Type Single Cut
Bottle size 1/3 oz built in Color Cup

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99 105XTR 105XTR Xtreme Patriot 105 Airbrush w/attached 1/3oz color cup, storage case and instructions $128.00

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REV 03/2023

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