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Kustom FXII

Kustom FX II
by Craig Fraser

Made of solvent-proof polymer, the FXII™ series from Craig Fraser is the sequel to the popular, original Kustom FX™ line.

This cost-saving set contains all six FXII™ series templates including:

  • Puzzled - Have fun painting up your car without ruining your childs Favourite puzzle, this contains a set of puzzle pieces as linework.
  • Nutz N'Boltz - This stencil is a frenzy of nuts and bolts, amongst other uses, it would make a great ghosted background.
  • Gear Head - An assortment of clonking gears in loads of different sizes and designs to save you from ripping engines apart to get the right template.
  • Dolla' Bill - Short of pasting notes to your graphics, this is the way to get a great money effect, as a background or detail.
  • Dragon Skin - This includes a series of scale designs for producing snake and lizard-style skins on the inner part of the stencil. The outside edge has shapes for creating 3D layering and turning corners.
  • The Blob - This template gives the 3D effect of rotting flesh, muscle and tendons. The template has dotted lines to help you figure out your 3D layering.

Approximate Dimensions: 10" x 8"

Kustom FX II -

Kustom FX II -
Nutz N Boltz

Kustom FX II -
Gear Head

Puzzled Nutz n Boltz Gear Head

Puzzled Template

Nutz N Boltz Template

FH FXII 10SP Kustom FX II:
Gear Head Template

Kustom FX II -
Dolla Billz

Kustom FX II -
Dragon Skin

Kustom FX II -
The Blob

Dolla Billz Dragon Skin The Blob

FH FXII 11SP Kustom FX II:
Dolla Billz Template

FH FXII 12SP Kustom FX II:
Dragon Skin Template

FH FXII 13SP Kustom FX II:
The Blob Template

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Item number
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Description List Price Sale Price
Individual Template
FH FXII 8 Kustom FX II: Puzzled $26.75 $19.75
FH FXII 9 Kustom FX II: Nutz N Boltz $26.75 $19.75
FH FXII 10 Kustom FX II: Gear Head
$26.75 $19.75
FH FXII 11 Kustom FX II: Dolla Billz
$26.75 $19.75
FH FXII 12 Kustom FX II: Dragon Skin
$26.75 $19.75
FH FXII 13 Kustom FX II: The Blob
$26.75 $19.75
Complete Template Set of
FH FXII 14 Kustom FX II Complete Set of 6 $150.75 $108.00
Complete Mini Template Set
FH FXII 14 MS Kustom FX II Mini Series
Complete Set of 6

(approx. size 5" x 7" each)
$44.50 $32.95

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REV 10/2019

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