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Kustom FX
by Craig Fraser

For all the “Effects” junkies out there… this one’s for you. I’ve been back at the drawing board, and have cranked out all of the special effects that you’ve been asking for, and even a few that you haven’t. Six, count ’em, six custom templates designed to create all the newest, hip effects. Like all of our templates at Artool, we have tested them thoroughly on prisoners with few, if any, fatalities. These templates represent actual faux effects that have been sought after for a millennia… or at least a decade. These six templates represent the best and most interesting suggestions we’ve received. (We ignored the really dumb, or scary ones… we’ll do them next time.) Most amazing of all, I managed to design these without any skulls…well… there are a few skulls in them… I’m working on it. Like all of our other templates these babies are the latest in polymer technology, so they’ll probably outlast you. And of course, the same promise is inherent in all of these designs, just like our previous ones: they won’t make you a millionaire, but they will also not be responsible for bankruptcy.

Approximate dimensions of each stencil: 8" x 10" (20.2cm x 25.4cm)

Kustom FX -
Tiki Madness

Kustom FX -

Kustom FX -
Cheetah Pimp

Tiki Madness Template template

FH KFX 1SP Kustom FX:
Tiki Madness Template

FH KFX 2 Kustom FX:
Bullet-Ridden Template

KFX 3 Kustom FX:
Cheetah Pimp Template

Kustom FX -
Diamond Plate

Kustom FX -
Cloud 9

Kustom FX -

Diamond Plate Cloud 9 Brainiac

KFX 4 Kustom FX:
Diamond Plate Template

KFX 5 Kustom FX:
Cloud 9 Template

M 6 Kustom FX:
Brainiac Template

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Individual Template


Kustom FX: Tiki Madness $26.75 $19.75
FH KFX 2 SP Kustom FX: Bullet-Ridden $26.75 $19.75
FH KFX 3 SP Kustom FX: Cheetah Pimp
$26.75 $19.75
FH KFX 4 SP Kustom FX: Diamond Plate
$26.75 $19.75
FH KFX 5 SP Kustom FX: Cloud 9
$26.75 $19.75
FH KFX 6 SP Kustom FX: Brainiac
$26.75 $19.75
Complete Template Set of
FH KFX 7 Kustom FX Complete Set of 6 $150.75 $108.00
Complete Mini Template Set
FH KFX 7 MS Kustom FX Master Mini Series
Complete Set of 6

(approx. size 5" x 7" each)
$44.50 $32.95

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REV 10/2019

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