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Pack "O" Skullz
by Scott Mac Kay

Artist and designer Scott MacKay brings his fine art collection for those who love his art. And his techniques for those who want to learn the craft of airbrush art and custom paint with his Down & Dirty Tricks teaching method.


The Artool® Pack’O’Skullz™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Scott Mac Kay include both positive and negative shapes along with teeth, bones, noses and eye sockets. These templates are loaded with extras such as ol’ school flames, bullet holes, circles, rips ‘n tears, broken glass and smoke to enhance your artwork. Have fun!

Approximate dimensions of each stencil:
10" x 6"

Pack "O" Skullz 1

Pack "O" Skullz 2

template Side Look
Say What?
Look UP
templateOld Yeller
Say Ahh
Head down



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Complete Template Set Only
FH PKOS 1 Pack "O" Skullz 1
Complete Set of 3
FH PKOS 2 Pack "O" Skullz 2
Complete Set of 3

REV 09/2023