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Paasche Specialty Brushes and Sets

Paasche EZ STARTER Internal Mix Single-Action Airbrush

A beginners kit for the first time user of an airbrush. Sprays oils and water-base materials.
List $24.95

99 EZSTARTER: EZSTARTER Airbrush and hose $14.99

Replacement parts Not Available.


The HAPK Hobby and Auto Paint Kit is ideal for auto, van, cycle, hobby and ceramics enthusiasts. Includes everything needed for touch-up, detail and striping. The kit includes one FP-1/32 Flow Pencil, one 62-1-3 Sprayer, one H#3L Single-Action Airbrush, one 3 ounce bottle and hose.

99 HAPK: Hobby and Auto Paint Kit
List $169

Paasche NAIL KIT

Nail Kit. Includes VJR#2 with 1/64oz built-in cup, V-62 Wrench, A-34 Hanger, 6 HP-1/8 Plastic Air Hose, 22 Airbrush Lessons Instructional Booklets, and Nail Stencil.
99 NK: Nail Kit
List $109.00

Paasche L Sprayer

L Sprayer Handpiece: L#1, 2, 3, 4
Hand piece only. This unit is ideal for taxidermists, ceramists and hobbyists who wish to apply lacquers, varnishes, heavy glazes and paints. Available in four (4) tip sizes for light to heavier fluids. Use HL-3/16 air hose. For a complete unit order L-SC# with the hand piece.

Order with Cup: L-SC#1, 2, 3, 4
Qt cup for L Sprayer

99 L#1: Hand piece (only) for L Sprayer 1.00mm
99 LSC#1: Quart Cup for L Sprayer
99 L#1C Sprayer and Cup Complete

99 L#2: Hand piece (only) for L Sprayer 1.32mm
99 LSC#2: Quart Cup for L Sprayer
99 L#2C Sprayer and Cup Complete

99 L#3: Hand piece (only) for L Sprayer 1.78mm
99 LSC#3: Quart Cup for L Sprayer
99 L#3C Sprayer and Cup Complete

99 L#4: Hand piece (only) for L Sprayer 2.08mm
99 LSC#4: Quart Cup for L Sprayer
99 L#4C Sprayer and Cup Complete

(pressure cup, optional)


The FP-1/32 Flow Pencil is an ideal instrument to flow lines onto a horizontal surface. Without masking or overspray, the operator can stripe models, wood products, metal products, metal parts and other surfaces needing decorative trim. Nib size determines the width of the line.

99 FP-1/32: Paasche Flow Pencil
Does not include ALP-32 pressure cup.
List $69.00
99 ALP/32: Paasche Flow Pencil Pressure Cup

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