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Sparmax Compressors



The TC 2000 is a quiet running, auto shut off, 1/6 h.p. compressor that will provide appx. 35psi working pressure at the tip of a VL#3 (.55mm) airbrush or a Eclipse BCS (.50mm) airbrush. You will get a higher working pressure with a smaller nozzle and accordingly, less pressure with a nozzle larger than .5mm. The compressor comes with an airbrush holder, a regulator, moisture trap and gauge and a hose to attach the moisture trap to the compressor. It also comes with an airbrush hose with adapters to allow usage with most airbrushes.
Click: 99 TC2000  Sparmax TC2000   $229.00

The TC620X is a TC 2000 mounted on a air storage tank (appx. 1 gal.) and housed in a heavy duty attractive case. Like the TC 2000, both of these compressor are extremely good values where compare to competitive compressor models. $309.00
Click: 99 TC620X Sparmax TC620X

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