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The Spectrum Airbrush Color Changer

Includes Integrated Airbrush

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If you EVER use more than one color at a time, you need to take notice of this! It's the product of three years of development, redesign and testing in association with a diverse group of artists and engineers.

The Spectrum 2012 is an exciting new concept. It features a pressurized paint manifold made of aluminum which has nine color bottles and a regulator attached to it to adjust the air pressure on the paint instead of the usual siphon method of paint delivery. However this regulator does not regulate the air pressure to the actual airbrush. Just set your pressure as you normally would at your air source and attach your air hose to the Spectrum 2012. Its that easy!

This pressurization allows the airbrush to be used very comfortably in any position you can imagine. You can even paint upside down without any worries about paint dripping since there are no bottles attached at the airbrush at all. The paint is supplied through a combination air/paint hose to the brush where you simply dial in the color of your choice and get to work.

The unit is very portable. The paint flows from the unit's bottles through nine separate small paint delivery tubes, which are bundled through a coil type air hose to keep everything neatly collected into one hose. The air hose portion attaches to the airbrush in a normal manner and the delivery tubes are routed through a small length of conduit into the paint dial mechanism which then simply plugs into any bottom or side feed airbrush which features a needle packing seal.

You start by loading your paint bottles with your favorite colors as normal, but you'll want to consider your placement order very carefully. The Spectrum 2012 uses a dial mechanism to select which color you will be using. In order to take full advantage of this dial you should place your colors in a rainbow order so you can blend out of one and into the next. With this technique you will greatly expand the available color range of the dial.

Tested using Createx paints, the pressurized paint delivery system had no trouble at all handling the paint. Even the thicker colors such as the Opaques were no trouble at all for the Spectrum 2012. The pressurized system basically forces any small clogs or paint imperfections right out of the brush. The color changes are made right at the airbrush, so if you want to go from one color to another without any blending at all, you simply spray into a rag or a paint collector to clear the last color from the nozzle before continuing on with the new color.

Special Features:
  • You can use 9 different colors simultaneously
  • Easy handling: manual changing of colors with a Color-Dial at your fingertips.
  • Contains a Pressure Regulator (0-28 PSI) to pressurize the paint; this gives you the possibility of innumerous special effects (squirt, spatter and spray as never before!),
  • Blend of colors; two colors of adjacent color bottles can be blended however you like
  • Quick change of color (cleaning of your airbrush with its color cup is not necessary)
  • Simple connection to your compressor
  • Application does not depend on direction; you can use the SPECTRUM 2012 in a horizontal position, as well as in a vertical position
  • Simple back-brushing of colors once you decide to change the colors
  • All the components are accepted by the FDA for applications in the field of any kind of edibles,
  • New design has eliminated almost all of the inner space of the airbrush, where color is flowing. This allows the color change to be much faster then on the previous design, thus the color loss will be minimal on color changes.
  • This design will eliminate the problems we had in the past, with leaks at the dial, or on the cone sticking into the airbrush the colors.
  • New sturdier bottle caps, bottles and tubing, which will help the reliability of the product.

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