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Splatter FX
By Gerald Mendez

Gerald Mendez has been airbrushing since 1986. After his graphic design education in Mexico City, he undertook the challenge to master as many techniques as possible to improve the quality of his artwork – including airbrush and digital illustration, along with airbrush automotive techniques. His drive to create what he terms as “unreal concepts” has motivated him to develop his own personal and unique style. Gerald’s airbrush studio is located in Chino, California and he is currently working as a digital illustrator for Disney Studios while staying busy with custom automotive painting projects.


Create natural and dramatic effects in your artwork with the new Artool Splatter FX Freehand Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez. Add endless splatters with awesome color transactions.

These Artool Splatter FX templates, designed by Gerald Mendez and laser cut by Artool,

Applications, techniques and tips:

  • Multiple effects can be achieved by rotating templates
  • Overlap one template with another to create unique patterns
  • Turn any shape, logo or lettering into custom splatter shapes by using the inside edges of each template

For a wet look:

  • Airbrush the base color of desired splatter
  • Shade the bottom areas with a darker color
  • Add highlights to define reflections on the opposite side
  • Enhance splatter with brighter highlights as a final touch

Templates measure approximately 
8" × 10"

Splatter FX

Hi Impact

Splatter FX

template template

Splatter FX

Multi Splatter
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Rev 09.2023