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Steam Driven SkullMaster
By Craig Fraser

The new Artool Steam Driven Freehand Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser. In a nutshell "Steampunk" is a representation of modern technology through the materials and craftsmanship of the 1800s -- Neo Victorian. Not just an art form; it is a fashion statement, a musical style, sculptural movement and kewl lifestyle! Steam Driven captures the soul of this movement with the new Artool Skullmaster Series which includes: Steam Skull (SDSK-1), Tick Tock (SDSK-2), Sprung (SDSK-3), The Steam Driven Set (SDSK-4) and The Steam Driven Mini Series Set (SDSK-4-MS).

This set of all three stencils in the Steam Driven series includes: Steam Skull, Tick Tock and Sprung.

In addition, the step-by-step photos and instructional copy by Craig Fraser on each package of the new Artool Steam Driven Airbrush Templates will now reach many more fans of airbrush art with Spanish translations by acclaimed artist, Gerald Mendez.

Steam Driven Steam Skull:
"A modified, gear-ified version of the original Frontal Skull from the Horror of SkullMaster series. Everything you need for a front-facing 18th century take on a terminator!"

Steam Driven Tick Tock:
"Profile skulls are kewl, but even kewler still are skulls crammed full of clockworks. Tick Tock will be sure to give your steampunk chopper tank or any other creation a lovely retro-tech vibe!"

Steam Driven Sprung:
"Of course with a clockwork skull you will need a power supply! The 18th century version of a battery was the ever-faithful spring. No decent 3/4 skull Steampunk stencil should be without one!" - Craig Fraser. Made from solvent proof polymer, this template can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging it. These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Craig Fraser and precision laser-cut by Artool.

Approximate dimensions of each template: 10" x 8"

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A quick overview of the
Artool Steam Driven Skullmaster with Craig Fraser

Steam Driven
SkullMaster -
Steam Skull

Steam Driven
SkullMaster -
Tic Tock

Steam Driven
SkullMaster -

Steam Skull Tick-Tock Sprung

FH SDSK 1 Steam Driven:
Steam Skull Template

FH SDSK 2 Steam Driven:
Tic Tock Template

FHSDSK 3 Steam Driven:
Sprung Template

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Individual Template


Steam Driven: Steam Skull $36.25 $26.00
FH SDSK 2 Steam Driven: Tic Tock $36.25 $26.00

Steam Driven: Sprung

$36.25 $26.00
Complete Template Set of
FH SDSK 4 Steam Driven Complete Set of 3 $106.25


Complete Mini Template Set
FH SDSK 4 MS Steam Driven Mini Series
Complete Set of 3

(approx. size 5" x 7" each)
$42.75 $30.80

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REV 01/2022

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