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Tiki Master
by Dennis Mathewson

The Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates are all made of solvent proof polymer and can be easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without being damaged.

Based on ancient Polynesian tiki designs, Honolulu artist Dennis Mathewson brings the style up to date with this series of templates.

Kona Tiki is the second in the Artool Tiki Master series. Kona is a village on the big island of Hawaii, which has the most famous ancient tiki, only a few of which still remain.

The largest design on the template embodies the "Kona style". Using the tiki torch and some fire really sets the mood. The patterns on the side of the template give you the ability to create tribal bands or backgrounds. Dark base colors can be very effective with these tribal bands.

Approximate Dimensions: 8" x 10"

Tiki Master -
Tribal Tiki

Tiki Master -
Kona Tiki

Tiki Master -
Tiki Trouble

Tribal Tiki Kona tiki Tiki Trouble

FH TM 1 Tiki Master
Tribal Tiki Template

FH TM 2 Tiki Master
Kona Tiki Template

FH TM 3 Tiki Master
Tiki Trouble Template

Tiki Master -
Tiki Bar

Tiki Master -
Totem Tiki

Tiki Master -
Aloha Spirit

Tiki Bar Totem tiki Aloha Spirit

FH TM 4 Tiki Master
Tiki Bar Template

FH TM 5 Tiki Master
Totem Tiki Template

FH TM 6 Tiki Master
Aloha Spirit Template

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Item number
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Description List Price Sale Price
Individual Template
FH TM 1 Tiki Master: Tribal Tiki $28.00 $20.15
FH TM 2 Tiki Master: Kona Tiki $28.00 $20.15
FH TM 3 Tiki Master: Tiki Trouble
$28.00 $20.15
FH TM 4 Tiki Master: Tiki Bar
$28.00 $20.15
FH TM 5 Tiki Master: Totem Tiki
$28.00 $20.15
FH TM 6 Tiki Master: Aloha Spirit
$28.00 $20.15
Complete Template Set of
FH TM 7 Tiki Master Complete Set of 6 $150.25 $113.95
Complete Mini Template Set
FH TM 7 MS Tiki Master Mini Series
Complete Set of 6

(approx. size 5" x 7" each)
$46..75 $33.60

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REV 01/2022

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