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by Dean Loucks


With Artool's new Long Lines Series, you can have unlimited length to create very long artwork and graphics. You can apply Wired on nearly all flat or curved surfaces, bike tanks, helmets, boats, coahes or trailers... it's endless!

Dean Loucks paints murals large and small and custom graphics on boats, cars and coaches. With his new Artool long Line Series WIRED templates, Dean helps you achieve effects on this scale easily.

  • Many of the ends of the WIRED template can be interfaced for a totally seamless transition to either the next length of barbed wire or the know of your choice.
  • An effective method of adhering the Long Lines Series to a surface is with a low-tack spray adhesive.
  • You can also flip-flop any of these designs to create a variety of kewl kustom twist 'n' turns. Plus, you can layer and overlap them for an interwoven barbed wire look.

The Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates are all made of solvent proof polymer and can be easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without being damaged.

Approximate Dimensions:
48" x 4"

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Rev 10.2023