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Paasche Air Erasers & cutting compounds

The Paasche Air Eraser Kit
A versatile instrument that can erase color errors and act as an etching tool. It is used by hobbyists and manufacturers to etch glass, clean jewelry, remove rust and corrosion, etc. The Air Eraser acts like a small sand blaster with a great deal of accuracy. The kit comes with an Air Eraser, 6 oz. Fast Cutting erasing compound, a hose with moisture trap, and a breathing mask. Glasses and a Dust Mask are required with the Air Eraser.
99 AEC-K Paasche Air Eraser Kit
List $114.00

99 SSO6 Slow Cut Compound 6oz
99 SSO2 Slow Cut Compound 2 lb
99 AE6OZ Medium Cut Compound 6oz
99 AE2 Medium Cut Compound 2 lb
99 AEX6 Fast Cut Compound 6oz
99 AEX5 Fast Cut Compound 5 lb

Model: AEC, no hose or compound

Eraser operates like a small sand blaster with very little difficulty and a great deal of accuracy. Used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean jewelry and fine parts, remove discoloration, rust and corrosion, etch glass or cut monograms. It is also used by dentist technicians on moldings.
99 AEC Air Eraser, alone
List $89.00

Model: LAC#3

The LAC#3 is used the same as the AEC Air Eraser but for larger jobs requiring fast cutting speed. Both have an adjustable feature which enables the user to control the amount of abrasive used. A 1/4 air connector is required. The LAC#3 has a longer lasting Carbide tip.
99 LAC3 Air Eraser
List $109.00

Model: AECR

The AECR reproduces all the fine accomplishments of the AEC Air Eraser and with its Quart Cup offers greater flexibility through use of a quart container. This in turn, offers greater freedom of movement for the operator. The Optional R-75AR Regulator with moisture trap is available.
99 AECR: AECR Eraser
List $138.00