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Createx and Wicked Air Sets
See these great sets and get started airbrushing right away!
Mediums and Pure Pigments by Colorcraft
Try these mediums in your work. Use the Wicked Flash Reducer with Wicked Air Colors. You can augment the color of your Createx Colors with the Createx Liquid Pure Pigments.
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Createx Fine Art Colors - not for airbrushes.

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Fine Art Artist Acrylic Colors by Colorcraft
Water-based acrylic colors for brush work on fabric, leather, canvass, paper, wood, clay, wood and most any surface.  Suitable for screen-printing.
Monotype colors are water-based, print making colors for single print transfers off a metal, glass, Plexiglas or non-porous plate onto paper. Monotype Colors are unique colors intended to release off the plate, something ordinary acrylic paints will not.


Also: Auto Air Water-borne Airbrush Colors
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4000-4100: Mediums, Base Coats, Cleaner

4200: Opaques, Transparents, Fluorescents
4300: Pearls, Metalics, Iridescents
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Semi-Opaque, Transparent, Fluorescent ("Hot")
Click: 4300 Series Special FX Colors:
Pearl, Metallic, Iridescent


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4400: Chameleon, Flair Chameleon, Hi-Lite Interference

4500 Series Sparkle Colors
4600 Series Candy Colors
4700: Autoborne
Click: 4400 Series Colors:
Chameleon, Flair Chameleon, Hi-Lite Interference





Createx ready-to-spray colors are produced with ultra-fine pigments that are homogenized into a unique acrylic base making the colors permanent on a variety of surfaces, from t-shirts to metals. Using Createx mediums and additives allows you to control intensity of tone, opaqueness, transparency, adhesion to difficult surfaces, and the type of finish (i.e. glossy or matte). You can custom mix your own colors by adding only drops of liquid Pure Pigments into either the Transparent or Opaque Airbrush Mediums. The Pure Pigments may be added to any other ready to spray colors for added intensity or to modify the color.

Wicked Colors contain mild amounts of solvent and are inter-mixed with a durable, exterior-grade resign. A touch of solvent enhances performance, prevents tip dry and allows usage of colors on just about any surface. The Wicked Colors dry semi-gloss and are perfect for t-shirts, automotive graphics, and illustration. Wicked Detail Colors dry matte are a ideal for highly detailed illustrations. All Wicked Colors may be reduced with W100 Reducer in any ratio for improved flow, atomization and customizing viscosity preferences.

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